Drowning in Plastic – 1 Million Women Challenge

Drowning in Plastic – 1 Million Women Challenge

Why do we share so posts about plastic and environmental videos on Laughing Athena?
Because women around the developed world have the greatest purchasing power and overwhelmingly are in charge of raising and nurturing the next generation.
WE have a direct impact on environment.


Going Plastic Free – Where to Start

Need some idea of how to start – the kitchen is a great place:

Join 1 Million Women

Laughing Athena challenges you to join 1 Million Women to think about our impact, our future, what we buy, use, and what we teach. We cannot think the problem is somewhere else, or the product of large corporations – WE are buying plastic products and products wrapped in plastic, WE are ignoring broken waste processes, WE are all contributing, and WE are the solution.
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Make choices in your purchasing, starting with rethinking single use plastic containers, wrappers. These have started to enter the produce isle at an alarming rate under the guise of protection and health. The opposite is true. Plastic, all plastic leaches chemicals over time, with change in temperature. Petroleum and wrapping companies are making money off of selling the idea that naked produce is dangerous or dirty. That hasn’t ever been the case and wrapping it in plastic does nothing to “sanitize” a food.  However the plastic stays around for thousands of years. Those peppers you used in a recipe last week and have already forgotten about, the plastic wrap they came in will sit in a landfill or in the ocean for thousands of years before finally degrading.