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Why Start Laughing Athena?

Having a single place for inspirational and informative news for women appeals to us. We found women we spoke to were looking for advice, motivation, and information that matters in our lives. Yet, we saw a void in media for conversations with women that respect our contributions, talents, gifts, hard work, and our many, many stories and interests beyond a saturation of content on beauty and celebrities.

We hope you find some content of interest to you, and we’d love to hear what you think either way. We want a positive community to share the inspiring stories, accomplishments and potential of women.





So What’s the Name About?

Athena was the Greek goddess of strategy, reason, intelligence, arts, literature and agriculture. We’re pretty ok with being represented by all of those characteristics and think they are perfectly modern and desperately needed.

As for the laughing – well, we’re aware of opinionated, intelligent and hard working women in every path of life being mocked as too serious, frigid, angry, and some other untrue descriptives. Those are not really our typical traits, we work hard, think women should be celebrated, and we laugh a lot about naysayers.


Who we Are

We’re a small collection of hardworking and interesting women from various careers and backgrounds who want to share inspiring and diverse content for women.

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