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2018 Female Entrepreneurs to Watch From CIO Magazine

Each year CIO magazine names it’s top 20 Female Entrepreneurs to Watch list.

CIO stands for Chief Information Officer, a senior executive role in mid to large organizations that is responsible for all technology and often a partner for strategic planning for technological innovation.

We love this list for who it recognizes, but also as an example and inspiration for the many different types of business there are even within the tech field. Many of these women are serial entrepreneurs who can’t stop, won’t stop – with their ideas, energy and capable management to make things happen.

Congratulations to those recognized, and hoping it provides some inspiration to your own burgeoning ideas!

1. Iman Oubou

SWAAY digital media company specifically for women disrupting the business world. We’re big fans!

2. Kathryn Minshew

Founder and CEO of The Muse, a resource for personalized job recommendations and career advice.

3. Michelle McGrath

Heads Australian company DataTrue, a data and analytics company with a very bright future.

4. Payal Kadakia Pujji

Heads ClassPass, an exercise program and app.

5. Edith Harbaugh

LaunchDarkly led by Edith manages one of the most cumbersome tasks of of product management to communicate and manage all the little pieces and has recently taken on big customers.

6. Jenn Hyman

Maybe you’ve heard of a little fashion innovation company called Rent the Runway, providing a rental system for haute couture and special occasion fashion.

7. Nicole Sanchez

Founder of Credit Hero, a company built to help the average consumer better understand their credit and even greater financial goals.

8. Morgan DeBaun

Founder of Blavity, a tech and media company.

9. Ooshma Garg

Founder and CEO of Gobble, a dinner delivery service for ready to prepare simple meals.

10. Lisa Fetterman

Nomiku, the brainchild of Lisa Fetterman has become the latest culinary required tool in the kitchen. It is an immersion circulator that clips onto any pot versus yet another clunky gadget.

11. Shan-lyn Ma

Head of Zola, which provides a new way to think about wedding registries. The idea and convenience factor have made this company take off.

12. Stacey Ferreira

Leads Forge helps manage remote emplyees and provides tools for companies, HR departments and employees to make it all work easier.

13. Danielle Sabrina

Cofounder and COO of Olympus Labs, a block-chain company which serves cryptocurrency investors.

14. Lisa Wang

Head of  SheWorx, sis a knowledge network specifically for female leaders. The services include connections and networking for support systems, mentoring and knowledge. All in favor!

15. Miki Agrawal

A serial Entrepreneur, Agrawal founded THINX, WILD, and Tushy.

16. Amanda Signorelli

As CEO of Techweek, Signorelli helps one of the tech industry’s top conferences scale to incredible growth and it continues.

17. Natasia Malaihollo

Founder of Wyzerr, which had redesigned surveys into more enjoyable, beautiful and useful tools for feedback, testing and better customer experience.

18. Regina Gwynn

Co-founder and CEO of  TresseNoire. The company matches hair stylists to offices and customers in their home rather than the customers coming into a salon.  Hair? Done.

19. Lauren Washington

Another serial entrepreneur, Washington has founded Black Women Talk Tech, to help black women overcome their entrepreneurial challenges.

20. Julia Taylor Cheek

Founder of EverlyWell, for medical testing including at home kits and easy to understand lab results.


Check out the detailed list at CIO.