4 Important Reasons to NOT Buy a New Phone

What If You Keep Using Your Perfectly Functioning Phone?

I want to ask you not to buy a new model of your current phone until yours stops functioning for reasons of being smashed, drowned or performance.

As we recently learned, Apple has admitted to slowing down older phones. The reason given was to limit battery use. However there was a huge outcry from the tech community saying in unison “I knew it!”

If you’re concerned about your battery, Apple has a replacement solution.

Which brings us back to our request. Why not replace your phone as soon as there is new phone bait to tempt you?

1. What New Features?

Phones really aren’t changing that much. They are incredibly powerful tools, but there are no earth shattering modifications or features that make a new phone necessary.

2. Impact All Over the Place

All of these are  reasons to make us think twice and then again about how much we NEED a new phone.

*Apple has said it will stop using rare earth minerals in production of iPhones, however there is a large questions as to when that will be possible. 

3. Take It From The Other Steve

Steve Wozniak, Co-founder of Apple has said he has no intention of buying the Apple X iPhone. He said,  “I’d rather wait . . . I’m happy with my iPhone 8 — which is the same as the iPhone 7, which is the same as the iPhone 6, to me.”

Thanks for proving our point #1 Steve!

4. A Lesson in Value

If you have kids, or any short people who look up to you, you are setting an example when you purchase. By showing you value something for its utility and efficiency for as long as you can, you provide a valuable lesson on, well – value. This isn’t about being able to afford another phone, but about valuing what you’ve got that is working just great.