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Doctor Who #13 is a Woman!

There’s something different about The Doctor. The BBC classic sci-fi show picks the first ever female Dr. Who, and true fans are going wild.

The Doctor, a 900+ year old time lord from the planet of Gallifrey (oh, yeah, we’re fans here) has been visiting the earth via BBC episodes for the past 50 some years in our time. Though he’s made many trips across our timeline and in space, thanks to his TARDIS machine (Time and Relative Dimension in Space in case you ever enter a UK pub trivia night). We didn’t need to research any of this by the way.

The Doctor has morphed in form 12 times, meaning 12 different “Doctors” and actress Jodi Whittaker will be number 13. Yet, despite this well know history, and the time travel, space, aliens, new planets, galactic wars, etc., it would seem some outspoken twits of twitter find it inconceivable that The Doctor could be a woman. This aspect deserves no further attention, nor even a link to the ugliness. Instead, we can’t wait for the next Doctor. We know it will be a continuation of a delightfully optimistic, silly romp of time and space travel, that overall has a history of highlighting the very best aspects of humanity. It is these aspects The Doctor has found so endearing over time, that he  – or now she – cannot stay away.

Instead of addressing the ridiculous backlash, take a look at 20 quotes from the Doctor. There are so many more. There’s good, rich, optimistic little stuff in this sci-fi.

One of Our favorites:

“The universe is big. It’s vast and complicated and ridiculous. And sometimes, very rarely, impossible things just happen and we call them miracles.” 

Welcome Doctor #13! We’ve always been fans, and we can’t wait!