Who Wanted to Be A Navy Seal When They Grew Up?

For the first time in military history, a women has entered Navy SEAL training.

Women weren’t allowed to enlist in combat roles until January 2016. But until now as a cascading effect of women entering into military academies, a woman has made it through to the SEAL training program.

73% of those who get through the necessary tests and rigorous training to even apply to the Navy SEAL program will be rejected from the final promotion to that of a Navy SEAL.

According to CNN, the candidate will have months of training before attending a SEAL Officer Assessment and Selection process. Then the candidate moved on to a SEAL Officer Selection Panel.  There are multiple steps for not only military training, distinction, then applying to the program, training within the program for further assessment to continue in the program, all still in the hopes to become a Navy SEAL.

It’s a long and dedicated commitment for excellent individuals. We’re rooting for all of them, and happy to hear that now includes men AND the first women.



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